Our Program

Gary United Methodist Preschool has been providing classes for 3, 4 and 5 year-olds and pre-K children since 1969. Classes run September through May. The school complies with all DCFS regulations and the staff is approved by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. The School is governed by the Preschool Board and is responsible to the Church Council of Gary Church.

Application for Admission

Our Purpose

The goals for each child in the Gary United Methodist Preschool are: to experience loving acceptance by adults and children outside their immediate family; develop independence, self-confidence and a strong self-image; learn appropriate social and group skills to facilitate adjustment to subsequent school settings; look forward eagerly to further schooling; learn to enjoy the challenge of accomplishing cognitive ad motor tasks appropriate to their own level of development; experience wonder and awe about God's world.

Parent Involvement

We welcome the involvement of moms and dads in the preschool experience through our Morning get-acquainted teas, evening Open House event, guest speakers and fund raising projects held throughout the year. Parents are encouraged, but not required, to participate in the committees planning these events and other school projects. Parents are kept informed about special events, needs and concerns through a monthly newsletter and a weekly plan.


Daily programs consist of structured and non-structured activities which encompass math, language, social studies, religion, science and nature, health, art, music and physical activity. The Preschool Director is responsible for the daily program in all classes.

Our schedule includes 1 to 1 1/4 hours of free choice, when the children may choose to experience art media, dramatic play, puzzles, books, play dough, small manipulative toys, sand/water play, blocks, climbing, matching and sorting games or workbench tools. Different areas within the rooms may become a hospital, shoe store, grocery, post office, zoo or other activity to coordinate with our weekly theme. We encourage verbalization and socialization in each activity the children choose. Teachers take advantage of "teachable moments" — unplanned opportunities that arise at any time upon which the teacher can build.

As a group we have snacks (which are provided by the families on a scheduled basis) and "Together Time" — a period of planned activities encompassing readiness skills, concepts related to themes, music, finger plays and stories. Sessions are concluded with outdoor play on an enclosed playground equipped with a climber, large sandbox, playhouse and tricycles. Several field trips are scheduled throughout the school year as well.


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