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Jesus Appears to the Disciples

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Hey Parents!

It’s been five weeks since schools were closed and the stay-at-home order was announced. Media outlets are calling this phase the “new normal.” While you have likely adapted your schedule and found a routine, you may not be feeling like this is anything close to “normal.” And that’s okay. In fact, it’s totally understandable. A lot has changed in a short amount of time. Just know that there is a constant, and that constant is God. God is still present and loving just as God has always been. That is a normal that will never change—even when everything else does. 

THE BIBLE | Jesus Appears to the Disciples

READ John 21:1-14 


  • What were the disciples doing when Jesus appeared to them? 
  • How many fish did they catch throughout the night?
  • How many fish did they catch after they cast their nets on the other side of the boat?
  • How did the disciples know it was Jesus?
  • What did Jesus do after the disciples came to shore? Does it remind you of anything?

Make a breakfast on the beach at home! Set out beach towels in your kitchen or living room and have a special breakfast right there! Talk about what it might have been like to eat breakfast with Jesus. Want to make it extra special? Serve crackers and sardines on the side. They go great with eggs! (And parent’s this really will stick with your kids!)

Dear Jesus, thank you for filling our nets when they are empty. Amen. 

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