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Jesus Ascends to Heaven

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Hey Parents!

A lot is being said about reopening stores, businesses, and restaurants. With those exciting possibilities comes new anxieties. Is it safe? If I have to go back to work, how will I get childcare? What will the road ahead look like? Unfortunately, we just don’t know the answers to many of these questions. What we do know is that whatever the path forward is, God is with us– walking by our side, showing us the way.

THE BIBLE | Jesus Ascends to Heaven 

READ Acts 1:3-9


  • How long did Jesus walk on Earth after he rose from the grave?
  • What did Jesus say he would send after he left?
  • What are the disciples supposed to do after they received the Holy Spirit?
  • What happened to Jesus in this Bible story?
  • How can we be witnesses like the disciples?


Choose one kid to be the witness and the other family members to be detectives. The witness will choose something in the room and the detectives will question the witness by asking “yes or no” questions about it to try and figure out what they chose. The detectives only get ten questions. After you play this game, talk about things you can do to tell others about Jesus!

CROP Hunger Walk 2020 | "Separate but Together"
Sunday, May 3
Walk anywhere, any distance, but all at 1 p.m.

We’ll kick off with a live prayer at facebook.com/garyumc.

Hey Families! Join in mission to help stop hunger! The CROP Walk mission to stop hunger has not changed due to COVID-19. In fact, the need for local and global food supply is even more imperative. Part of the funds raised support Wheaton and Glen Ellyn food pantries who provide for families and children in our local school districts. Funds we raise now are being released right away to these recipient food pantries to help the immediate needs!

What can you do?

Click here for signs you can print to display in your window or yard or to carry when you walk on May 3. 

Let’s walk “together” to stop hunger! If you have questions, contact Judy Selby through the Church Office.

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