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Paul and Barnabas’ Missionary Travels

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Hey Parents!

In this week's True Story, Paul and Barnabas head out on some worldly adventures where they share the gospel with folks from different cultures and faiths. Let's be honest; with all the canceled vacation plans, highlighting Paul and Barnabas' travels is kind of cruel. So why use it? Because the story's revelation isn't about geography (or the joy of traveling), but the gospel message that connects us to God no matter our background or location. Wherever you are, and wherever you've been, know that you are loved by Christ Jesus who "puts us in right relationship with God” (Acts 13:39). Blessings and be well! 

Paul and Barnabas’ Missionary Travels

READ: Acts 13:1-5; 27-33; 38-39


If you could travel anywhere, where would you want to go?

Why were Paul and Barnabas traveling?

Who are some people you know today who are sharing Jesus’ story with others?

How can you be a missionary and share Jesus’ story? 

Ask your kids to pretend they are a famous YouTube star with thousands of subscribers and create an episode where they explain what missionaries are. Record them on your phone and ask: How would you explain what a missionary is to someone who has no idea? What are the most important things a missionary does? How can you be a missionary? Want "extra credit"? Post your video on Gary Kids Facebook page!

If your family likes to color, draw, make cards, we’ve got an idea for you! We are really sad that our church friends who are high school seniors will be missing their graduations, so we want to shower them with love from their church family. You can help by sending them cards and notes to arrive around May 23, the date their graduation would have been. Just contact the Church Office and we’ll give you a list of the graduates’ names and addresses. Let’s show these young people and their families that they are the beloved of God and of their church community.

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