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Peter and Cornelius

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Hey Parents!

The weather is starting to warm up, and with it we see signs of new life everywhere! Blooms are on the trees, flowers are in the garden, and little green buds are sprouting all around. What a wonderful reminder of the new life that flourishes through Christ Jesus! While this spring and summer will undoubtedly be different, the life that springs forth from our loving God cannot be denied (or cancelled). It is ever growing and all around. 

THE BIBLE | Jesus Appears to the Disciples

READ Acts 10:34-36


  • How were Peter and Cornelius different? (Peter was Jewish and Cornelius was not.)
  • What did they have in common? (God sent visions to both of them.)
  • What was the big lesson God taught Peter through his vision? (God doesn’t show favoritism, but loves all people.)
  • Is it easier to love people who are like you, or who are different from you? Why do you think that is? 
  • What are some ways we are different from each other? How are we alike?
  • How do you think God wants you to treat people who are different from you? 
  • How can you show love to people who are different from you?

Today's true stories is about the first people who followed Jesus from the book of Acts. In it we learn about Peter and a vision he had that involved animals and a sheet. For this activity you will need a sheet, stuffed animals, and bucket. Lay out the sheet on the ground and place the bucket four feet away. Have everyone in your family hold the corners of the sheet then add the stuffed animals, one at a time, and try to bounce them off the sheet and into the bucket! See how many you get in! 

MOTHER'S DAY CRAFT (click here)
Moms are amazing! What makes mom so amazing? Print and complete this "All About Mom" questionnaire to find out! (Psst Dads, this is an easy Mother's Day craft that's fun for everyone!) 

If your family likes to color, draw, make cards, we’ve got an idea for you! We are really sad that our church friends who are high school seniors will be missing their graduations, so we want to shower them with love from their church family. You can help by sending them cards and notes to arrive around May 23, the date their graduation would have been. Just contact the Church Office and we’ll give you a list of the graduates’ names and addresses. Let’s show these young people and their families that they are the beloved of God and of their church community.

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