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Hey Parents!

We know this Easter season has been a little bit different. Ok, a lot… it’s been a lot different. But being physically distant doesn’t mean we are distant from God. As a matter of fact, the whole Easter story is about connecting to God through Christ Jesus! To help your family connect to God and one another, we have crafted a few activities that help faith grow at home! We are praying for you throughout this Holy Week and wish you a very Happy Easter!


To help us dive into the story of Jesus’ life and what happened on the very first Easter, we’re doing a family Photo Scavenger Hunt! You will get six clues that come from the Bible and have to do with the life and story of Jesus. The clues will lead you to six places that have to do with the story of Easter. When you get to each place, take a family selfie and have a conversation about what that clue means. Share your photos on the Gary Kids Facebook page and join in the fun! 

CLUE # 1 

READ Luke 2:6-12 

This story begins in a different way. The baby Jesus was sleeping on hay. He was the Messiah, God’s Only Son, but His journey began as a quiet, humble one.

FIND: A barn or a manger.

TALK: Why do you think Jesus wasn’t born rich or mighty, but as a humble baby, just like us?

CLUE # 2

READ Matthew 3:13-17

He grew and gained respect from God and man. His calling to save us, we didn’t yet understand. He declared He came to set the captives free and was baptized by John to begin that journey.

FIND: A stream, river, pool, or any other kind of water.

TALK: What do you think baptism meant for Jesus? What does it mean for us today?

CLUE # 3

READ Mark 4:35-41

Many people came to Jesus in need, some sick and some lame, some broken indeed. Because Jesus would heal, touch, and feed news of Him spread through Israel with speed.

FIND: Something you think is amazing.

TALK: What makes this place or thing so amazing? What was so amazing about what Jesus did?

CLUE # 4

READ Luke 22:39-48

Into the garden, Jesus went to pray. He asked His Father if this had to be the way. His friends were there too, but they fell asleep. When He was arrested, they started to weep.

FIND: A garden or patch of flowers.

TALK: Once, these flowers were just a patch of dirt. How does Jesus bring new life to us, like He does to these flowers?

CLUE # 5

READ Matthew 27:32-56

Betrayed by a friend, Jesus was arrested. He was tried by a court. His death was requested. On that saddest of days, our Savior did die but within that dark moment our salvation did lie.

FIND: A cross.

TALK: The cross was a symbol of great suffering, but also great hope. How can we have hope in Jesus?

CLUE # 6

READ Luke 24:1-12 

Some may think that our story is done, but they would be wrong! It has only begun! For after three days, Jesus rose from the dead to give us new life forever, just as He said!

FIND: Something empty (be creative)!

TALK: Our greatest hope comes in knowing that we get to spend forever with Jesus! How can we celebrate that this Easter?


Saturday, April 11 at 10 a.m. starting at Gary Church

It’s clear that we have all been challenged by this “new normal,” but we have also seen the myriad of ways people connect and uplift amidst social distancing. One of my favorite methods is by creating Easter Windows for our Gary Church at Home community. I LOVE them all!!  To celebrate this beautiful ministry, we are going to have an Easter Window Caravan on Saturday, April 11 at 10 a.m. We will meet at Gary and head out from there. If your family has made an Easter Window and would like to be added to the route, please email Carey Williams Bebar at 


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