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True Story

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Hey Parents!

In this week's True Story, an angel frees Peter from prison after "the church offered earnest prayer to God for him" (Acts:12:5). Prayer is powerful. It is one of the most effective tools in our faith toolbox. It is powerful for us as individuals but even more so when we pray in community. Just ask Peter. This week, I am asking you to pray for Gary Kids families struggling with loss, as well as those struggling with the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. Please offer your earnest prayers as a community of believers, and may the power of those prayers sets us free. 

READ Acts 12:1-17 


  • What amazing thing did God do for Peter? 
  • What were Peter’s friends doing when he was in jail? 
  • How do you think Peter’s friends felt when they saw him at the door?
  • What is the biggest thing God can set us free from? 
  • What do you need God to help you with or rescue you from?


Watch the video and make Elephant Toothpaste! You will need hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, yeast, water and food coloring (optional).

Afterwards say, "Wasn’t that a cool experiment? The Elephant Toothpaste went from being inside the bottle to breaking free and coming out! God can do amazing things, and did in our True Story today. Peter was stuck, and God set him free!"

If your family likes to color, draw, make cards, we’ve got an idea for you! We are really sad that our church friends who are high school seniors will be missing their graduations, so we want to shower them with love from their church family. You can help by sending them cards and notes to arrive around May 23, the date their graduation would have been. Just contact the Church Office and we’ll give you a list of the graduates’ names and addresses. Let’s show these young people and their families that they are the beloved of God and of their church community.

Put on your party hats for an End-of-the-Year Kids' Church and Sunday School Zoom Party on May 31 at 11:15 a.m.! 

Join the Zoom Party!

Meeting ID: 845 6467 9550
Password: 3HJ4a1


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