Music Ministries

Gospel Mass

May 20, 2018, 9:00 & 11:00 AM
You Are Invited to Sing!
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When we stand in front of a congregation and open our mouths to sing, we are inviting everyone...

to feel what we feel,
to think about what we think,
to praise the God that we praise,
to pray the prayer that we pray,
to know the comfort that we know,
to trust the promises that we trust,
and to love the Savior that we love.

This is the substance of our ministry. This is our heart, and this is our calling! We invite everyone who loves the Lord and who loves to sing to share in this ministry with us.

In addition to Chancel Choir, there are many other vocal groups and handbell ensembles for all ages and all levels of musicianship. There is a music group for YOU! Please let us know how we may help you connect to one of our bell ensembles or vocal choirs, or how you may serve by playing your instrument in worship. Contact Jennifer Whiting or call upon one of our Music Directors. 

Adult Ensembles

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Youth Ensembles

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Children's Music

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Handbell Ensembles

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History of the Church Organ

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