Trustees Corner

Gerald Schmidt, Trustees Committee Chair
Eric Ostensen, Trustees Vice-Chair
Shelly Schilling, Treasurer

Everyone can help keep Gary Church beautiful!

Please consider becoming a trustee volunteer as we have plenty of “handyman” work-day projects ready to go. We are also planning or considering many “non-critical” projects that need additional funding (i.e. interior carpeting, kitchen upgrades, cosmetic projects, etc).  Volunteers need not be mechanically inclined—just engaged and passionate about doing good work for the church.  Additionally, we are always looking for new Trustee Committee members who are interested in serving our congregation and keeping the church looking great. Please prayerfully consider volunteering or becoming a Trustee today!

Everyone can help. If you see something around the building that concerns you, take a picture and alert the Trustees by using the following job form.


Looking Ahead to 2020 Spring and Summer Opportunities

In coordination with the Audio/Visual Committee, we are planning, budgeting, and executing the long awaited upgrades to the sanctuary.  More exciting updates coming on this much needed project!

Replacement of the Carillon bell system.   The current system is inoperable and out of date.  We have a replacement system picked out and are hopeful to have the new system up and ringing by late spring.  

New and fully functional coffee system!  We are researching the best systems and how to best serve the various groups that drink coffee during the week.  

New Choir robes!   The old ones are approximately 35 years old and extremely uncomfortable to wear.   There is a committee working on these and should be finalized in 2020 sometime. 

Implementing a modern security system for the church so that we can adequately protect any and all people who work, worship, or visit Gary Church.   A security task force is reviewing various options to include electronic door security, cameras, volunteer/visitor check-in, as well as security during worship.   

Landscape parking lot perimeter per Wheaton township mandate.

Updated 5-year spending plan. This is our main planning and budgeting tool.  We want to be good stewards of church funds.  

Create an electric file system for all Trustees' documents.

Update asset allocation model for Trustees' Funds through Wespath Financial.

Volunteers Needed!   We have a maintenance work-order backlog (~35 items need attention).




Major Projects Completed in 2019

Completed masonry repairs on exterior Sanctuary walls including courtyard and main entrance area.

Installed new automatic fire doors outside of choir room area.  

Chancel area carpet replaced.  The blue color really matches the windows nicely!  

Gamon Hall flooding finally solved .   Gerry and Eric found the source of this decade old problem as there were two holes in the foundation behind the plastered  north wall.   

Basement sewer back up project.   Major clean up and carpet replacement in the west end of the basement caused by construction work on North Hale St.  

North stairwell flood repairs and painting.  We are very hopeful we finally solved this 15 year old problem.   Yep, it all came from the bell tower grout work above!  All water problems start at the roof and this one did as well.  

Installed new concrete steps and flower pot pads at the Main Street entrance.  

Church bus utilization study and cost analysis.   The bus is equipped with old technology and the handicap systems were inoperable.   We ended up retiring this 2007 vehicle and there is a committee forming on how best to provide a transportation ministry in the future.   Stay tuned for more info on this topic.  

Continued to address various slate roof tile expansion and replacement.  This is a yearly task at this point.  





Work Orders Completed in 2019—Examples include:

Repaired carpet seams on lower level, main level and upper level lobby.  The carpet will need to be replaced in the next few years. 

Implemented new kitchen plan.  Sold some unused equipment and bought a new freezer.  

Repaired Kitchen coffee maker- again!   New coffee pot is on the agenda for 2020!   

Replaced failed electrical ballasts on sanctuary can lights.  Replaced several broken sconces that were broken and needed to match existing.  Can you tell which ones we replaced?  

Boiler repairs and chemical treatment restart.   Steam heat is complicated and requires lots of work.   

Wesley Center plumbing, toilet, and general repairs.  This is an old building and it needs monthly maintenance.   

Various church pew repairs in the sanctuary.  These are getting worn as well so we try and stay on top of these cosmetic repairs.   







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