Trustees Corner

Gerald Schmidt, Trustees Committee Chair
Eric Ostensen, Trustees Vice-Chair
Shelly Schilling, Treasurer

Everyone can help keep Gary Church beautiful!

Please consider becoming a trustee volunteer as we have plenty of “handyman” work-day projects ready to go. We are also planning or considering many “non-critical” projects that need additional funding (i.e. interior carpeting, kitchen upgrades, cosmetic projects, etc).  Volunteers need not be mechanically inclined—just engaged and passionate about doing good work for the church.  Additionally, we are always looking for new Trustee Committee members who are interested in serving our congregation and keeping the church looking great. Please prayerfully consider volunteering or becoming a Trustee today!

Everyone can help. If you see something around the building that concerns you, take a picture and alert the Trustees by using the following job form.


Looking Ahead to 2019 Spring and Summer Opportunities

Replace front stoop and surrounding concrete.

Replace broken and dangerous sidewalk squares on Seminary Street.

Update 5-year spending plan. This is our main planning and budgeting tool.

Upgrade audio visual in the Sanctuary.

Landscape parking lot perimeter per Wheaton township mandate.

Repair exterior masonry on the east end of Sanctuary and damaged stones in NE corner of Sanctuary. Begin masonry repairs on rest of the building starting in the East Courtyard, moving counterclockwise to the bell tower (where repairs begin in 2017).

Create an electric file system for Trustees' documents.

Develop a long-term plan for the kitchen and the vital equipment.

Work on maintenance work-order backlog (~33).

Update asset allocation model for Trustees' Funds through Wespath Financial.

Analyze utilization of Gary Church outreach bus and create optimization plan. Repair? Replace? Eliminate?


Major Projects Completed in 2018 

Repaired masonry on north and south exterior Sanctuary walls.

Replaced the roof gutter on south side of Sanctuary.

Replaced driveway aprons to parking lot and several sidewalk sections.

Installed new concrete stairs at north building entrance.

Seal coated and stripped parking lot.



Refinished East Sanctuary doors and East Courtyard doors.

Updated Lower level Children's area: painting, wall decorations, new children chairs, new foam play blocks.

Installed new bicycle rack at West Entrance.

Applied several patch repairs to flat roof membrane.

Purchased new digital projector and speakers for Chapel.



66 Work Orders Completed in 2018—Examples include:

Repaired carpet seams on lower level, main level and upper level lobby.

Repaired leaking hot water line in Gamon Hall.

Repaired Kitchen coffee maker.

Replaced failed motor on exhaust fan in Kitchen Storage closet.

Repaired chairs in Chapel.



Replaced several water stained ceiling tiles on upper level.

Repaired water damaged plaster walls in Court Yard East Entrance vestibule.

Repaired (under warranty) failed compressor on Sanctuary Air Conditioning unit.

Repaired digital projector in Activity Center.

Repaired and stained trash bin enclosure in south driveway.

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