Resources for Racial Justice

From Gary’s Church and Society Committee

We at Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton, IL, affirm the United Methodist position that racism is a sin and is incompatible with Christian teachings. As Christians who stand against racism, we offer these resources as a way to understand systemic racism in the United States of America, explore our biblical and theological roots for racial justice, and discern how we can take faithful action towards racial justice and the equal treatment of all God’s image bearers.

It is worth noting, that these are resources mostly directed at discrimination against African Americans. The structures and experiences of racism by Latina/os, Native Americans, Asian Americans and others will be distinct from, though entangled with, the ones listed here. As members of Christ’s body, we are committed to combating all forms of racism, and we will be seeking opportunities to provide additional resources in the future.

Resources for Understanding Systemic Racism

Resources for Exploring Systemic Racism and the Church

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Resources for Racial Justice | Youth and Children Resources