Gerald Schmidt, Trustees Committee
Chair Eric Ostensen, Trustees Vice-Chair
Shelly Schilling, Treasurer

Everyone can help keep Gary Church beautiful!

Please consider becoming a trustee volunteer as we have plenty of “handyman” work-day projects ready to go. We are also planning or considering many “non-critical” projects that need additional funding (i.e. interior carpeting, kitchen upgrades, cosmetic projects, etc). Volunteers need not be mechanically inclined—just engaged and passionate about doing good work for the church. Additionally, we are always looking for new Trustee Committee members who are interested in serving our congregation and keeping the church looking great. Please prayerfully consider volunteering or becoming a Trustee today!

Everyone can help. If you see something around the building that concerns you, take a picture and alert the Trustees by using the following job form. 

Contact the Trustees