Come in, rest, enjoy

You are welcome to experience the Gary United Methodist Church Gardens and Labyrinth, in the Courtyard at 224 North Main Street in Wheaton, Illinois. 

Gary Church Labyrinth

At the Gary Church Labyrinth, you’ll notice pavers that are a slightly different color than the rest of the Courtyard. Those pavers form a spiral walking path.

When you enter, follow the path to the center. When you reach the center of the labyrinth, take a moment with God and say a silent prayer. Then, begin your journey back to the start, remembering that with God at our center we will always find our way home.

Walking a labyrinth can be an inward and outward journey where we can recognize the presence of God and find unity and wholeness. In a labyrinth you are never lost. You are always on the path leading into or back out of the center. Unlike a maze which has numerous paths and is designed to confuse, a labyrinth helps you center yourself and find clarity and peace.