Director of Music

As an integral part of the Leadership Team at Gary Church, the Director of Music will work with staff to plan, administer and implement programming associated with music ministry, including coordinating activities of current and future music groups and providing opportunities for congregational members to grow in their faith and proclaim God’s love through music ministry.


The Director of Music shall possess a degree of prayer and integrated spirituality to be able to live with the ambiguities of daily life and realistic expectations of the music created by the congregation of Gary Church. The Director also serves as a director or accompanist for one or more of Gary’s musical ensembles.


Duties and responsibilities include: Leadership, Ministry Planning, Planning & Coordination, Relationship Building and Communication.

Full Job Description (Director of Music) Employment Application

Below is a sampling of many of our music groups. Click the upper left of the video for the drop down menu to view a specific group.

Gary Preschool Teachers and Director

Gary Preschool Hiring for 2024-2025 School Year

We have several preschool staff openings for the next school year. We are looking for a new 4s teacher (Monday/Wednesday/Friday mornings) and a new 3s teacher (Tuesday/Thursday mornings). We are also looking for a new director. For the director and teaching positions, a degree in Early Childhood Education and Care is highly preferred. Click here for the job descriptions. For more information, email

Building Engineer

Classification: Part-time (approx. 10-12 hours per week) 
Educational Requirements: High school diploma or equivalent 
Reports to: Senior Pastor with accountability to Board of Trustees 
Supervisor: Day-to-day to Church Administrator 
Salary: To be determined based on experience of applicant 

Job Goal & Summary: The role of the Building Engineer is to work with other church staff members to make sure that our church building is available and ready for use for the various activities of the church and community. Therefore, the Building Engineer is part of a team that ensures our ministry is done in a safe, clean environment. While most of these activities will be performed during scheduled working hours, the Building Engineer will need to respond to requests from the Pastor(s) and other staff members. A common purpose and goodwill relationship are required to ensure this occurs with minimal confusion. 

Duty / Responsibility: Building Engineer will be responsible for the items outlined in the Building Engineer Task List (below), including, but not limited to daily, weekly, monthly maintenance of the buildings and grounds, equipment reports, and building repairs and modifications. The candidate will need to perform electrical, plumbing, HVAC, painting/plastering, carpentry, and mechanical repairs as needed. Duties also include attentiveness to developing needs around the building and reporting those needs to the Board of Trustees. The candidate will participate in monthly meetings with the Board of Trustees and may be asked to supervise any outside contracted repairs taking place on the premises. Building Engineer will be asked to take initiative on building upkeep, projects and repairs and bring these to the Board of Trustees for discussion, approval, and action. 

Job Conditions/Physical Requirements: Candidate will need to have ability to lift up to 50 pounds and climb ladders. Building Engineer will need to have ability to work evening or weekend hours should the need arise in supporting the care of the building. 

Terms of Employment: Employment with Gary United Methodist Church is strictly “at-will” and may be terminated at any time by either the employee or Gary United Methodist Church without cause or reason. Nothing contained in the Employee Handbook, nor any representation by any supervisor or representative of Gary United Methodist Church, may contradict or contravene the at-will employment policy.

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